Take a Hike!


An adventure can be around any corner you just have to look for it. And that’s what Jes and I did. We decided to go for a hike! Not all adventures have to be in cities or an expensive airplane trip away; it could be in your backyard. With travel at our age being a little tricky we have to get creative and find ways to explore the world in our  way.


We headed to Nashotah State Park for a day out in the sun after a couple long days of testing. Yes, it was sweaty. Yes, it was humid. And yes, it was HOT HOT HOT! But, it was an awesome time with a great friend.


Being able to enjoy the little things and take every moment that’s thrown at you and turn it into something amazing is a great way to be happy in life. Yes, times may get hard but, you have to keep pushing, being thankful for where you are. Traveling doesn’t have to be hard or expensive because being with great people can make anything fun.


My Outfit:

Shorts Khols

Shoes Converse

Belt American Eagle

Jes’s Outfit:

Shirt Lululemon

Shorts Nike


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