Fashion & Style in France

So as many ¬†people know, Europe is the fashion captial in the world! And as it happens to be I am in Europe (who would of thought?!?!). So I was thinking… well if I’m in Europe I HAVE to write something about the fashion here. (Now this is just what I have seen in my first month here.)

To start off, going to school dressed as a slob will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT pass. Getting dressed in the morning is like getting dressed for a nice lunch out or maybe if you’re really into it, a runway show.

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The prison…otherwise known as my school.

No matter what country you are in, school is usually not a favorite among most people. Though I spend half my life in school (which by the way when you think of it that way it really sounds like a prison) I do like to learn.

Anyway I wanted to give you guys an insiders look at my school and see what I see everyday for 10ish hours of school.

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