What I wish I would’ve brought. 

So of course there are always things you forget about when packaging. And most of the time you’ll try super hard not to forget certain items, but sometimes it’s bound to happen.

In my post What to Pack I stated all the things I recommended to bring. And now here are some of the things I wish I would’ve added.

1. Sweatshirt/ pull over

Just for the days I want to lounge around in something comfy.

2. Face wash

Does this need to be explained!?!?! (And yes im stupid for not bringing any, I know)

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1st AFS weekend

Everything in France is amazing! Surprisingly I’m loving my small little town in the  south of France more than Paris, which really surprised me. There’s so much history here and so much to learn.

The days have been going fast and I’m already a month done with my exchange. #9monthstogo. So every month or so I get to meet up with my AFS friends in my region that I met in Paris. And last weekend I had my AFS weekend with everyone.

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