What I wish I would’ve brought. 

So of course there are always things you forget about when packaging. And most of the time you’ll try super hard not to forget certain items, but sometimes it’s bound to happen.

In my post What to Pack I stated all the things I recommended to bring. And now here are some of the things I wish I would’ve added.

1. Sweatshirt/ pull over

Just for the days I want to lounge around in something comfy.

2. Face wash

Does this need to be explained!?!?! (And yes im stupid for not bringing any, I know)

3. More comfy pants

All I mostly brought were jeans and I only have ONE pair of leggings… so yea I was stupid.

4. Snack food

I recommend everyone to try and pack their fav snacks into their bag…you never know.

5. Drinks

I also recommend to try and stuff some drinks in, because right about now I’m missing my raspberry tea.

6. Winter clothes

I live in the south of France, so of course I imagined it somewhat chilly in the winter but, that’s not the case because I live very high on in the hills so it gets extra EXTRA cold. (Pray for me)

7. Earrings/ jewelry

Kinda wish I would’ve packed some more earring because I only brought one pair.

8. My French notebook

So, I did take french in highschool do two years but, it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it was going to be… so I wish I would’ve brought my french notebook with ALL my french notes to help me out!

And that’s my list! Not that long now, but I’m sure as time rolls on I’ll be adding more. Many people may think that I can just buy all this stuff here and well yes I can, but it wouldn’t be the same as my own stuff. Anyway hope you enjoyed my blog this week (Not that exciting) and maybe you’ve gathered what to add to your packing list!

xoxo Cat


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