Joyeux Noël

It’s the last day of Blogmas! And for today’s post I’m linking my Christmas break video but, stay tuned for a New Years Eve Part!!!

*p.s. from now on, since I’m not going to be posting everyday, my plan is to post 1 blog every weekend (at least). But if I happen to write more than there will be more. Knowing me there’s bound to be some crazy stuff 😉

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Tips for reading books in another language.

You want to understand more and gather more vocabulary in the language you’re learning?  But you don’t know how. Well, what I recommend is picking up a book in that language and buckling down because it may take awhile but, I have some tips that will not only help you understand more of the book but also further your language.

*I recommend having maybe a 1 year to 2 years of a language before starting a book, like a novel. (not a children’s book)

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Exploring Wisconsin

Every since my friends and I started driving I’ve had this feeling of adventure and exploration. Growing up, I always thought Wisconsin was the most boring state in the US. (which I won’t say it’s the best but, it’s defiantly not the worst, anymore). But I don’t just crave adventure I crave secret places, hidden treasures kept from ordinary people. I love finding places that aren’t in your local Tourist Guide book. Looking on a map and finding your way. My friends and I have been searching the Internet for hidden places in Wisconsin but, of course if they’re hidden why would someone share them… Well it’s your lucky day because I’m getting ready to share my favorite spots! Though some look like touristic things, I’ll have you know that behind every door there’s adventure waiting to happen.

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