1.5 French: Simple Sentence Structure

If you want to be able to keep up with a conversation in french you’re going to have to learn how to form sentences and keep that topic going. Yes, at first you may have to think of the proper verb tense for the correct subject and how to just talk in a different language. Trust me I know! Before I left for my exchange someone said, “Just don’t think and just start talking in the language.” But I think we can all agree that is easier said then done. Anyway, now I can say that I totally, after 3-5months, understand how that works. So without further ado, lets get into forming sentences!

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Halfway point

Oh how time flys. Before leaving everyone said it was going to be fast and honestly I didn’t start to see how fast it was going till my friend Gina stayed with me in December. She’s here for 5 months so, at the end of January she leaves to go back home. Realizing that she was leaving was a punch in the face because I realized that if her exchange went by that fast then mine wouldn’t be any slower. There’s so much I’ve learned, besides the language, since being here for five months and there’s so much happening in the next five months that I am so excited to announce!

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