Summer Plans

As many of my friends, family, and followers know I am on exchange in France and I am lucky enough to spend two months of summer in this beautiful country before I leave. With the end of school approaching I have little to no time to get my suitcases pack for a somewhat backpacking adventure.  Continue reading

Planning a Backpacking Adventure

Summer’s just around the corner and there’s so much on my list of things to do! Just recently one of my friends said she wanted to hike the Appalachian Mountains. Looking into it we found out that it was almost a 6 month hike to finish the whole thing. And that was just #1 not in our age range, because our parents never would’ve let us do that yet and #2 not in our time frame, which I assume most people don’t have 6 months where they have time to go backpacking. (though some people may). So this summer I decided to have a fun get together with some friends and plan a backpacking trip.

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Marseille Travel Guide

Before getting into things I wanna let people know that I am NOT a travel expert or experienced at all so, everything written in this travel guide are some tips and tricks, places to see, and other things!

For spring break I spent one week in the South of France with two of my close friends. We ended up getting a great host family for the week and seeing a lot of Marseille. We entered the city by bus and headed to la gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles. We got a quick tour of the city from the car and got a quick feel for the city. On Monday, we headed to the calanques and saw the breathtaking views, you can check that out in my other post. 

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THE Calanques

If you ever just happen to stumble into Marseille there a few things worth noting. Yes, you can check out the Notre-Dame de la Garde, the Vieux Port, Palais Longchamp, and all those other things you get when you search Marseille into Google but, one of that things that I highly recommend is Le Parc National des Calanques.

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1.6 French: All you need to know

I have recently created a whole packet of French notes for my friends and family. Mostly because this summer they will be visiting me in France and they wanted to learn of little French, of course! So I have put together a little booklet, if you will, of a bunch of French notes and exercises. There are a lot of things I covered in my other learning French posts but, it could be great for reviewing. Below is the link to the document where you can print it out and take a look.

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Exchange Questions

So last month I posted something on Facebook asking people to write me some questions they had for me regarding my exchange, life in France, how applied, or just really random things. I also am partnering with my good friend from Maryland who is on exchange with me. So, some of the questions my be from her Facebook as well. (if you wanna check her out, the link to her blog is down below.) And here’s what I got!

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Why I’m choosing ASL.

Last year I was watching Switched at Birth and there is one scene that really stuck out to me. There was this girl, who was deaf, in the hospital and she was trying to tell the nurses she was allergic to a certain type of medicine. She struggled to tell the nurses and doctors that she couldn’t have this medicine otherwise she could die. There were no translators and no one knew sign language. This is when it hit me… I have to learn this language!

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