1.7 French: Similar Words

In French, surprisingly, there are many words that look like English words. There are obvious ones and then some that just change the endings. But finally there are some words that look similar but, the meanings are completely different.

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1.6 French: All you need to know

I have recently created a whole packet of French notes for my friends and family. Mostly because this summer they will be visiting me in France and they wanted to learn of little French, of course! So I have put together a little booklet, if you will, of a bunch of French notes and exercises. There are a lot of things I covered in my other learning French posts but, it could be great for reviewing. Below is the link to the document where you can print it out and take a look.

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1.5 French: Simple Sentence Structure

If you want to be able to keep up with a conversation in french you’re going to have to learn how to form sentences and keep that topic going. Yes, at first you may have to think of the proper verb tense for the correct subject and how to just talk in a different language. Trust me I know! Before I left for my exchange someone said, “Just don’t think and just start talking in the language.” But I think we can all agree that is easier said then done. Anyway, now I can say that I totally, after 3-5months, understand how that works. So without further ado, lets get into forming sentences!

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Tips for reading books in another language.

You want to understand more and gather more vocabulary in the language you’re learning?  But you don’t know how. Well, what I recommend is picking up a book in that language and buckling down because it may take awhile but, I have some tips that will not only help you understand more of the book but also further your language.

*I recommend having maybe a 1 year to 2 years of a language before starting a book, like a novel. (not a children’s book)

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Easy steps to learning a language.

Not only am I here, in France, learning french but I am also learning Italian at school. And those who know, know that I was taking Spanish too but, I decided to drop the class because I was really here in France to LEARN french and all the languages were getting a little overwhelming. Plus I have never taken Spanish or Italian so, on top of learning french I would really have to keep up with the other languages to get a “pass” for my transcripts in the US.

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