‘My Little Box’ Noel

If you remember back to my first blog of this month it was about a little company (no pun intended 😉 ) called ‘My Little Box’. A few days ago I received my box for this month and I’m ready to share with you guys what was inside this months box.

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‘My Little Box’ monthly review

Okay for years, maybe not year(s) maybe just 2 years, I’ve been obsessed with a company called ‘my little box’ the only problem is I live in the US and of course they don’t ship there (yet). So of course after getting settled in my new home in France I immediately thought of finally subscribing to the company. And that’s what I did! 😉

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Fashion & Style in France

So as many  people know, Europe is the fashion captial in the world! And as it happens to be I am in Europe (who would of thought?!?!). So I was thinking… well if I’m in Europe I HAVE to write something about the fashion here. (Now this is just what I have seen in my first month here.)

To start off, going to school dressed as a slob will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT pass. Getting dressed in the morning is like getting dressed for a nice lunch out or maybe if you’re really into it, a runway show.

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June Favorites

This month has gone by so fast and there’s only 2 more months until summer is over and then I’m gone. Before I go I wanted show with you guys a list of my favorite things that I loved this month. I love sharing new products and learning about new things so, I won’t just being writing my favorites from this month but, I am going to write about my favorites from July and August as well.

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Take a Hike!


An adventure can be around any corner you just have to look for it. And that’s what Jes and I did. We decided to go for a hike! Not all adventures have to be in cities or an expensive airplane trip away; it could be in your backyard. With travel at our age being a little tricky we have to get creative and find ways to explore the world in our  way.

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Summer Lookbook

Say hello to summer! Schools out and that means no more test, homework, or stress. Time to relax and start getting ready for adventures! In summer I like to stay rather causal but, also cute because you never know when there’s a perfect spot to take a picture. Here are some of my favorite outfits to wear when I go out. Most of the clothes shown are not the exact same but they are very similar to what I have in my closet. For more info on where everything is from check out my Polyvore. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Dressing for Success

First day of finals is DONE!! Yay, only two more days of finals and then I take my ACT and it’s SUMMER!!! For the up coming season, I wanted to share my last school outfits before I’m off on my adventures and lazy days. I like to stay chic boho with a twist of causal. Hope this inspires you guys and gives you some ideas.

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How To Create An Instagram Theme and Edit Photos

Keeping up with many trends and themes on Instagram can be exhausting, but creating your own and creating who you are is even more exhausting. So, I decided to share some of my tips I’ve learned over the years with you guys. Before we get into it I wanted to address that any social media like Instagram, VSCO, Blogs, or anything in between is a creative outlet where YOU CAN BE YOU no matter what anyone else says. Everything is personal preference and a way for you to express how you see the world.

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