Summer Plans

As many of my friends, family, and followers know I am on exchange in France and I am lucky enough to spend two months of summer in this beautiful country before I leave. With the end of school approaching I have little to no time to get my suitcases pack for a somewhat backpacking adventure.  Continue reading

Planning a Backpacking Adventure

Summer’s just around the corner and there’s so much on my list of things to do! Just recently one of my friends said she wanted to hike the Appalachian Mountains. Looking into it we found out that it was almost a 6 month hike to finish the whole thing. And that was just #1 not in our age range, because our parents never would’ve let us do that yet and #2 not in our time frame, which I assume most people don’t have 6 months where they have time to go backpacking. (though some people may). So this summer I decided to have a fun get together with some friends and plan a backpacking trip.

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Exploring Wisconsin

Every since my friends and I started driving I’ve had this feeling of adventure and exploration. Growing up, I always thought Wisconsin was the most boring state in the US. (which I won’t say it’s the best but, it’s defiantly not the worst, anymore). But I don’t just crave adventure I crave secret places, hidden treasures kept from ordinary people. I love finding places that aren’t in your local Tourist Guide book. Looking on a map and finding your way. My friends and I have been searching the Internet for hidden places in Wisconsin but, of course if they’re hidden why would someone share them… Well it’s your lucky day because I’m getting ready to share my favorite spots! Though some look like touristic things, I’ll have you know that behind every door there’s adventure waiting to happen.

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Easy steps to learning a language.

Not only am I here, in France, learning french but I am also learning Italian at school. And those who know, know that I was taking Spanish too but, I decided to drop the class because I was really here in France to LEARN french and all the languages were getting a little overwhelming. Plus I have never taken Spanish or Italian so, on top of learning french I would really have to keep up with the other languages to get a “pass” for my transcripts in the US.

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My Favorite Clean Recipes

Flashback to the last months of 8th grade I was on a clean eating binge and I complete took out all artificial and ‘fake’ foods and instead eating foods like fruits, veggies, home made pizzas, and anything else I could make myself. Then, spring break and I thought it’s vacation  I’m gonna eat what I wanna eat. Well, that turned out bad because I could never again get back into my old routine of eating clean (story of my life).

Now, I wanna get back into routine and I decided to go onto my Pinterest to see the old clean recipes I pinned so long ago. I remember these recipes helped me find a way around my cravings and helped me make delicious foods. Looking these recipes were also fairly easy and I wanted to share some with you guys. Let’s get snacking!

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Sneak Peak!

I’m leaving in a couple of days and wanted to stop for a minute to reflect on the amazing adventures with my friends, parties with my family, and overall the past couple of years. I know I’m only going to be gone for a year and that may seem long right know (or short depending on how you look at it), but it’s going to go fast and seem slow at the same time. I not only wanted this video for my friends and family to look back on, but I wanted to make this for me when I am gone and I’m feeling low. When I am gone I won’t have my family or even my closets friends to have near me and right now in this instant I am scared. I am nervous. But I am ready. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime because I know I have to live in the moment or it will be over in an second. So without further a do here’s to all the amazing times shared with the closets people I know. Hope you enjoy!